Demos & tools for Acorn computers
by Alain Brobecker, aka baah/Arm's Tech

All programs are provided with commented sources

Acorn RiscPC demos

Flu (147Kb)
by Tony Haines, 2000may28, [pouet], [YouTube]
8Kb demo, finished 1st/5 in CodeCraft #2 competition.
Tony designed a really nice Flu logo apparition, a flame effect (over the canceled Phoebe computer), a wave effect over the image of the moon, and a RGB blob effect. He also kindly included my Fishy effect (see below).

Worship (73Kb)
, 2000jul27, [pouet], [YouTube]
8Kb demo, finished 3rd/5 in CodeCraft #2 competition.
Jerky spermatozoons are wandering randomly over a bichannel bicubic plasma with delta. The superb MrGland pic was drawn by Exocet/JFF, and the chip music is by Unison/Ukonx.

Wish U Were Beer (67Kb)
, 2000jun03, [pouet], [YouTube]
32Kb demo presented at bünzli 8, but 32Kb compo canceled.
Beer bubbles are twirling up the screen, the background is a bichannel biquadratic plasma. SnoreWalk music by DeeLite/Enigma.

Fishy (13Kb)
, 2000may01, [pouet]
Rotozoom with RGB trainee in 15bpp. Uses quadratic splines for the edges movements.

RaySA (9Kb)
, 1995nov, [pouet]
Phong tracing on spheres.

BiZoom (20Kb)
, Acorn Archimedes & RiscPC, 1999jan06
Visual comparison of standard zoom and bilinear interpolation zoom.

EnvMap (61Kb)
, Acorn Archimedes & RiscPC, 1999jan06
Example of environment mapping.

Acorn Archimedes demos

Damn! (105Kb)
& Damn!Wimp (38Kb), 1996sep & 1997apr16, [pouet], [YouTube]
40 Kb demo showing a damn! logo crashing on a computer generated texture, then we have a trip around a sentinel like 3d world. z00m!n music by Clawz/Digital. The Damn!Wimp version works under the desktop, as its name says.

CakeHead2 (174Kb)
, 1996feb, [pouet]
Realtime zoom of a teddy bear using generated code (≤ARM7 cache is write through), Jelly bubbles bouncing madly, morphing between images made of randomly shaded cubic splines. Music by Cry/TXP. Last image is my spline editor.

NZCVdemo (8Kb)
, 2000apr16, [pouet]
1Kb demo, finished 4th/29 in CodeCraft #2 competition.
French flag with 3 FXs: rotozoom of a computed texture, diffused limited aggregation & keftales.

pArAnOId (7Kb)
, 1999jul14, [pouet]
1Kb demo, finished 4th/24 in CodeCraft #1 competition.
Lines & sinus wave dancing over a computed texture.

bOIng (3Kb)
, 2000oct09, [pouet]
Small BBC basic proggy showing funny springs dynamics. You can grab the points with the mouse and drop the object.

WimpLife (9Kb)
, 1999jul14, [pouet]
1Kb demo, finished 12th/24 in CodeCraft #1 competition.
Wimp version of the life game.

IntroCR2 (22Kb)
,1996oct, [pouet]
3Kb demo for Coder's Revenge diskmag. Rotozoom of a nice computed texture.

IntroCR (23Kb)
, 1996jun, [pouet]
3Kb demo, weird letters wobbling over a nice computed texture.

ShadDots (5Kb)
, 2000jan29, [pouet]
1Kb demo showing shadedots & pseudo sprites.

zoArc & 3dStars (11Kb)
Two 1Kb demo for Coders Revenge 1996 competition.
Arkanoid clone & starfield with trainee.

Old FXs (246Kb)
, 1994-??
Old unused FXs for demos, some cool ones.

Textures (79Kb)
, 1994-??
Algorithms & code for generating textures.

Old unfinished games (168Kb)
, 1994-??
I was never able to finish a game, but i succeeded in starting them...

Daleks (5Kb), 2000
1Kb remake of the classic Daleks game.

Old 3d (172Kb)
, 1994-1997
Old unused 3d demos and routines, some cool ones.

StarInfo (14Kb)
, 1999jan06
Various programs for *info: jelly icosaeder, fractals, springs...