Forsyth 2 Pieces


    Exchange N and S


This small tool converts a chess diagram from Forsyth notation into Popeye's pieces format and PDB german piece format.
For Popeye it accepts all initials of pieces from A-Z for white pieces and a-z for black pieces.
Code and sample problem (ser-h#8, version by Ravi Shankar) by Alain Brobecker

Popeye's English one letter pieces (fairy pieces' definitions at Chess Problem Database)
SSpringer (instead of N for kNight)LLocust

If you're interested in chess retrograde analysis and proof games, see the following websites:
The retrograde analysis corner by Otto Janko
Chess Problem Database
chess problems by computer by François Labelle
The retro mailing list
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My own page with chess problems

Some tools can help you verify the validity of problems:
Popeye to solve many kind of problems, by many authors
Jacobi to verify (fairy) proofgames by François Labelle
Natch and iNatch to verify proofgames by Pascal Wassong
Euclide to verify proofgames by Etienne Dupuis
Stelvio to verify proofgames by Reto Aschwanden
Retractor to verify last move problems by Chad Whipkey and Theodore Hwa