Handicap 2 Popeye
Code by Alain Brobecker, sample problem by Jacques Dupin
This small tool creates a Popeye file to test a "handicap" proofgame from a given position in Forsyth notation in which one side has given a piece as handicap, but we don't know which side and which piece. So it is using the by using the a=>b stipulation and processes all possible start positions using the next command. The tool removes useless tests for unmoved pawns (eg: 12 unmoved pawns), pawns moved one step with unmoved neigbours (eg d3 and c6), unmoveable bishops (eg: f1,c8,f8) and caged rooks still there in the end position (eg h1,a8,h8).

PG Forsyth:
Handicap style:
W/B piece     W piece     B piece
W/B pawn     W pawn     B pawn
W/B officer     W officer     B officer


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