Demos & tools for Atari computers
by Alain Brobecker, aka baah/Arm's Tech, aka Dracula/Positivity

All programs are provided with commented sources

Atari STf demos & tools

showmem (9Kb)
, 2011dec04, [pouet]
Bootsector and Gem utility showing some system variables and displaying the used memory.

SuperStar (224Kb)
, 2011june, [pouet], [YouTube]
96Kb intro for Outline 2011 demoparty. Music by Dma-Sc/Sector One and graphics by Ukko/Live!.

cell (14Kb)
, 2011may04, [pouet], [YouTube]
Bootsector for Outline 2011 demoparty. Shows a random cellular automaton. Uses lz77 word compression (39438 packed to 418, 42 bytes depacker).

2011 (45Kb)
, 2010december28, [pouet], [DHS TV]
Small demo to celebrate 20 years of asm coding. Cool music by Dma-Sc/Sector 1.

FRANKIKIE goes to ... (121Kb)
, 2010april19, [pouet], [YouTube]
32Kb demo for Outline 2010 demoparty. Just a sprite code generator with music by Dma-Sc and graphics by Ukko.

Quad (74Kb)
, 2010april19, [pouet], [YouTube]
Bootsector for Outline 2010 demoparty. Shows 6 quadratic splines, 128 points each. Uses lz77 word compression (16336 packed to 436, 42 bytes depacker).

DLA (70Kb)
, 2009may09, [pouet]
Bootsector showing Diffused Limited Agreggation for Outline 2009 demoparty. Uses lz77 byte compression.

Misc ST stuff (129Kb)
, 1993
Tools & unfinished demos.

DNT Paper 6 reset (6Kb)
, 1993, [pouet]
Hand playing with a jelly cube. Music by Big Alec

Trisomy (6Kb)
, 1993, [pouet]
Shading effects.

kookoo (134Kb)
Rotating atari logo in line vector. Rotating filled vector cube which turns out to be a Kookoo box.

atari3k5 (12Kb)
, 1993july, [pouet]
3k5 demo, rotating atari logo in line vector.

Atari STe demos

Passion (473Kb)
, 1994july24, [pouet]
Realtime zoomer, texture mapped jelly cube using generated code, rotozoomer, gouraud shading, z-buffer, texture mapping, mandelbrot fractal. Graphics by Captain Schmurtz, STelex & Pegase/Adrenaline. Music by Nikom.

CakeHead (113Kb)
, 1994, [pouet]
64Kb demo, raytraced logo by Dom, shaded mapping & skullsphere.

X'Mas 93 (256Kb)
, 1993, [pouet], [YouTube]
Star wandering across a X'Mas 93 logo. 3 translucent spheres, glenz vector, translucent bubbles, grafics by STelex & Exocet. Musics by Big Alec & ST Mixes

Atari Falcon demo

Mama was a Fuzion (416Kb)
, 1994july, [pouet]
Fast adaptation of my mapping routine to the true color mode of the Falcon.