Alain Brobecker (aka baah/Arm's Tech) presents:


A site dedicated to ST/STe/Falcon gfx artiSTs!
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641 images, and counting!

The Galleries: 16 colors only, and yet they made maSTerpieces.
AgentT/Cream: 24 images
baah/Arm's Tech: 19 horrors
Babar/Future Minds: 4 images
Cyclone/Troll: 2 images
Dieu/HeMoroiDs: 11 images
EDO/Sector1: 20 images
ES/TEX: 13 images
Gogo/TCB: 13 images
GoldFinger/PolterGeist: 4 images
Graf/LuZak tEam: 15 images
Havoc/FUN: 6 images
Jovis/Zuul: 5 images
Kid/Next: 3 images
Krazy Rex/ST CNX: 7 images
Lancelot/Aggression: 13 images
Mic/Dune: 36 images
mOdmate/CheckPoint: 23images
MoN/Oxygene: 19 images
Niko/MJJ: 91 images
Nova/Equinox: 8 images
PeGaSe/Adrenaline: 8 images
Phan/NGC: 8 images
PoSiTiViTy: 17 images
Red/Omega: 3 images
Spaz/TLB: 43 images
Spiral/Oxygene: 16 images
ST Survivor/Loud: 19 images
Tanis/TCB: 13 images
Utne/Extacy:4 images
Jocelyn Valais: 16 images
Wilfried/MJJ: 3 images
Zappy/Holocaust: 23 images

Guest: exo7/JFF, 51 images
Unknown: 31 images
Various: 50 images

The Articles: 16 colors only, but ages ago gfx men were also coders (et vice-versa).
Color Flipping: more than 512/4096 tints on a ST/STe.
RaSTers: more than 16 colors on a screen.
Spectrum: more than 16 colors per lines.
List of artiSTs: with pseudonyms and real names.

The News: 16 colors only, and i don't know how to finish that STupid sentence. ;)
2002jul??: +134 images! Too numerous to list.
2002feb??: Niko+=39; Phan+=8; STS+=1; Unknown+=6; Utne+=4; Various+=7
2001aug03: Edo+=6; exo7+=20; Graf-=1; KrazyRex+=2; Unknown+=1; Various+=8.
2001jun28: exo7+=1; mOdmate+=5; Spaz+=8; STS+=1; Tanis+=6; Unknown+=1.
2000aug05: exo7+=17; Mic+=11; Various+=6.
2000may27: Mic+=6; mOd=17; Spaz+=16; Tanis+=1; Zappy+=13.
2000may13: Mic+=3; ST Survivor=17; Various+=3; Zappy=6.
2000may08: EDO+=3; Graf=16; Gogo+=3; Havoc=5; Various-=2; Wilfried=3.
2000apr??: AgentT+=3; EDO+=2.
2000apr08: ES+=9; Gogo+=9; Mic+=1; MoN+=2; Spiral+=1; various-=1.
2000feb20: MoN+=9; Niko-=1; Spiral+=11; No more jpegs!
2000feb06: EDO+=2; Spaz+=10.
2000jan29: Niko+=15; AgentT+=18; added artiSTs list.
2000jan01: Additions too numerous to list (+33 images).
1999dec31: Additions too numerous to list (+13 images).
1999dec30: Site STarted (119 images).

Links: Visit this places for more STart.
Online artiSTs:
EDO/Sector1 aka Philippe Van Meenen
Flan/Bomb aka David Delattre
Havoc aka Peter van Rijn
mOd/tSCc aka Torsten Keltsch
Spaz/TLB aka David Moss
ST Survivor/Loud aka Sébastien Larcan
Other atari people:
Cream HQ
Dead Hacker Society
The Thalion Webshrine! by Alexander Holland
Home for the GrafX 2 program, along with X-Man gallery

Help Wanted:
I hope you enjoy(ed) this site, but it's far from being finished: technical articles need to be written, more updates ar to come... Also i need your help to improve this site:
- Maybe you own/have created other ST maSTerpiece that are not yet on this site.
- Corrections of author/title of a picture, or the author's real name...
- Authors' comments upon their work, fave tools, etc, are welcome.
- Any idea that crosses your dirty mind?
- Oh, btw, i'm also looking for NeoChrome versions working under PaCifiST.
In such case write to (contact firST for mails >100Kb).