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Programs by Alain Brobecker (aka baah/Arm's Tech).

Choose one of the categories above to view/download my productions. Most software runs on Acorn computers, some snapshots are available.

Portable programs
ffen2tex v0.93 (342Kb)tool to create square grid diagrams in TeXc17nov21pdf
fab (120Kb)to create and manipulate images.c11sep01html
Square Control (64Kb)tools to find "Add Unit(s)" recordsc11marchpdf
Slidings (8Kb)creates "slidings" problemsc10nov08pdf
Dobble (9Kb)creates a card set with one and only one common symbol between 2 cardsc10aug13pdf
Inegalites (63Kb)creates grids with inegalities that must be filledc10mar??pdf
8pawns (36Kb)program to check chess pawns structuresc10jan27
rxr (243Kb)fairy chess endgames with squares removedc09aug24
LouZy77 (107Kb)C+Arm version of my LouZy77 packer (in progress)c09may03
rsg (57Kb)a Random Sentence Generator in c, and some simple grammar files.c09jan07
Mate PG (855Kb)to search problems in chess variants.c08aug17
bf2l33t (69Kb)a tool to translate between brainf*ck and l33t programming languages.c08jul26text
Apocalypse (40Kb)to play the game of apocalypse.c08jan??
Othello (83Kb)computes statistics and retrograde analysis problems about Othello.c07dec??
Magline (107Kb)solver for the "magline" game (created by my friend Didier Faradji).c06sep??
BoNDaReNKo (70Kb)to create Bondarenko like chess problems.c06aug??
Misc C progs (56Kb)small C progs, usefull or not...c06may??
MkDiag (28Kb)Html preprocessor for chess diagramsc05may??html
SockZ v2.alpha (10Kb)C version of SockZ v2.0 (in progress)c05?????html
bait (22Kb)programming game (in progress)c04aug??
msr (42Kb)program to make Multiple Search & Replace in filesc04nov20
gciel (40Kb)solver for the "gratte-ciel" gamec04aug26html
rxr (238Kb)to play chess endings "perfectly"c04may21
frcpos (11Kb)to create the 960 start positions for Fischer's Random Chessc03jun06
gozo (5Kb)java version of bOIng's funny mechanicsjava02nov??snap
Tok (50Kb)tokenise a BBC basic file on m$do$c99oct15

Demos for Acorn computers
bOIng (3Kb)1Kb, some funny mechanicsarc00oct09snap
Worship (79Kb)32Kb, spermatozoons & bicubic delta plasmarpc00jul27snap
WishUWereBeer (66Kb)32Kb, bubbles & biquadratic plasmarpc00jun03snap
NZCVdemo (7Kb)1Kb, french flag with 3FXsarc00apr16snap
ShadDots (5Kb)1Kb, shadeDotsarc00jan29snap
Fishy (12Kb)rotozoom with RGB traineerpc00may01snap
pArAnOId (6Kb)1Kb, dancing lines & waving computed texturearc99jul14snap
WimpLife (8Kb)wimp version of the life gamearc99jul14snap
StarInfo (14Kb)various programs for *infoarc99jan06
BiZoom (20Kb)example of bilinear zoomarc99jan06snap
EnvMap (62Kb)example of environment mappingarc99jan06snap
Damn!Wimp (38Kb)wimp version of damn!arc97apr16
Old FXs (254Kb)Old FXs for demos, some cool onesarc94-??snap
Textures (80Kb)Algorithms & code for generating texturesarc94-??snap
Old 3d (175Kb)Old 3d demos and routines, some cool onesarc94-97snap
IntroCR2 (22Kb)3Kb, rotozoom of a nice computed texturearc96oct??snap
3dStars (6Kb)1Kb, starfield with trainee & spritearc96sep??
Damn! (106Kb)40Kb, crashing logo & 3d worldarc96sep??snap
IntroCR (23Kb)3Kb, weird letters & nice computed texturearc96jun??snap
CakeHead2 (177Kb)zoomer, bubbles, randomly shaded splinesarc96feb??snap
RaySA (8Kb)phong tracing on spheresrpc95nov??snap

Games for Acorn computers
Old Games (170Kb)various unfinished gamesarc03nov20snap
Daleks (3Kb)1Kb version of the classic Daleks gamearc00apr29
zOArcnOId (4Kb)1Kb stupid version of Arcanoidarc96sep29snap

Tools & weirdies for Acorn computers
SockZ 1.3Stack Oriented Calculus Kernel in Zarc 04may28html
Rip Tools (156Kb)Tools used to rip Gfx for STartarc98dec24
Jack+Knife (37Kb)Gfx ripping util and sprite cutterarc03nov23
Old Tools (90Kb)Some old tools, interesting or not...arc03nov23
LouZy77 (25Kb)Preview of my LouZy lz77 packerarc01jul15
BrainF (7Kb)252 bytes BrainF*ck interpreterarc01jul02
npk (14Kb)Nibble packer for small programsarc00sep03
sqrt2 (8Kb)780 bytes utility to compute 1.414213562373095048801...arc00jun01
rex (2Kb)recursive *EX commandarc00may21
GreyStroke (20Kb)Drawing tool using kinematics to simulate handwritingarc00feb13
CUNT (32Kb)Clean Up Nasty Text (LF+CR, spaces...)arc99aug18
SIC (10Kb)504 bytes emulator for a weird Single Instruction Computerarc99aug07html
emul6502 (44Kb)emulator for MOS6502 processorarc 99apr??
asm6502 (17Kb)cross assembler for MOS6502 processorarc98aug26
Useless (7Kb)set directory, change mode, display hour & memory rpc98aug20
UnCrunch (6Kb)depack files packed with !Cruncharc97sep08

Other systems
GreyStroke (56Kb)Drawing tool using kinematics to simulate handwritingwindows14apr??
DownFallremix of the game Man Goes Down by Axel Herbertwindows11oct03html
Happy 2009 (33kb)A nicely designed BrainF* program to wish a happy new year on pouet.netBF*08dec31text
MSRw (42Kb)Windows frontend for MSR, by Dominique Brobeckerwin05jul27
SockZ 1.3 do$Stack Oriented Calculus Kernel in Z (emulated)do$04may28html
mdump (2Kb)joy controlled memory dumperc6400may21
LodeOk (11Kb)hacked single file version of the c64 gamec6400apr22snap
STTools (4Kb)lousy ST toolsSTf96jun19
Jack! (28Kb)gfx ripping tooldo$95nov25
KickMe (24Kb)4Kb demo, fractal & colliding ballsdo$95jul31snap

Alien stuff
Fave 256b demos (200Kb)Wow, only 256 demos and they rocks!do$???????snap
killer (34Kb)2 intros by Killer/Next Empiredo$00?????snap
bas2txt (47Kb)BBC Basic to text converter, not perfect but okdo$99feb07
Xasm 2.07 (25Kb)cross assembler by eXoTiCorn/ICeBirdarc99sep11
cc1 (400Kb)all entries of CodeCraft #1arc99jul24snap
cr1k.zip (20Kb)entries of Coder's Revenge 1Kb contestarc96sep??snap
Trackman (13Kb)Nice way to draw Mandelbrot/Julia fractals!arc94????snap
arm2emu.zip (103Kb)ARM2 emulator + src by Edwin Dorredo$97?????
Crush Your Mind (383Kb)demo by SpearHead/pOsItIvItYSTf???????snap
Willy (111Kb)demos by SpearHead/pOsItIvItYSTf???????snap
Waiting the zik disk (332Kb)demo by Kasar/pOsItIvItYSTe???????snap
OutBurst (64Kb)64k demo by Garry Copper/MentASMaga96nov03snap
FloodLand (5Kb)bbs-intro by Garry Copper/MentASMaga???????snap
FloodLand (14Kb)bbs-intro by Garry Copper/MentASMaga???????snap

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